Portrait photography is like telling a story. Like recording your family’s history. It’s about life and how the moments of our past have led us to this very moment. While today we may not think much about it, tomorrow our story may be totally different. That is why these moments, the now moments, are the ones that matter.



These are the moments I want to capture for you. Whether it is your sleeping baby, a look of wonder on your child’s face, the whole family playing together, or maybe just you, looking for an updated business photo. No matter what it is, we will find it, we will capture it, and we will have a great time doing it.

These are the moments that make memories. The moments that tell your story. They simply make you who you are. That is why I value working so closely with my clients. We will communicate and make a plan prior to your session, so the day of, you can relax, smile, and make memories.


These are your moments, this is your story, and  Linda Terdan Photography understands that.



Linda Terdan is a Mentor, Ohio Photographer